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I wanted to update you on a recent development. Mama has had a fall and now needs constant supervision. This affects my availability. I'm mentioning this to discuss our upcoming appointment on Tuesday. Everyone else has gotten THE MESSAGE, “no availability at this time.”


The situation, which is fluid, might need me to make last-minute adjustments – I'm essentially the go-to person for sudden changes in helping for her care.


I've been thinking about how we can manage our time effectively during your appointment. Here's a proposed schedule outline that is not that different from what we do except more focus on the task.


Start Time: _______ (Please be punctual!)


Schedule Outline for when you arrive:


1. Initial Setup: Before you begin your work projects, let's first prepare you for the coloring process.

   - Remove the current system

   - Prepare your hair for coloring

   - Apply the hair color


2. Your First Free Time: Use this period to set up and start working on your projects.


3. While you're focused on your projects, I will:

   - Prep the current system or work on coloring a new system

   - This provides you another time slot for you to continue your projects


4. When Color Processing Time is up: Be ready for the rinsing process once the color has fully set. I will also be preparing you for the system application.


5. Final Stages:

   - Prepare for system application

   - I will either trim the regrowth for your current system or cut in a new system


6. Wrap-up: We'll conclude our session.


Let me know if this plan works for you or if there are adjustments you'd like to make. Looking forward to our appointment and hoping for a smooth session despite the challenges at home.


PS, it’s all about the hair and its three-easy-steps. Heads-up, I may not be in the mood to talk about what’s going on.

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